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QuickTalker 23

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The QuickTalker 23 is an easy-to-use, portable, lightweight, and durable multi-message speech-generating device that can be used in the classroom, home, or while out in the community. This augmentative communication device features 23-message keys and 20-minutes of record time. Simply switching between the 5 available recording levels provides up to 103-messages.


The QuickTalker 23 offers options with 103 possible messages – 20 message keys each with 5 distinct levels. Record a total of 20 minutes of message with great sound quality.

In addition to the 20 message keys, there are 3 core message keys which stay the same on each level; so, you don`t need to re-record essential messages for each level. These 3 core message keys are for important key words such as hello, stop, or no.

To use QuickTalker 23, simply place photos or illustrations on the blank overlays to indicate your recorded message. The variety of message locations and 5 available levels provide the flexibility needed to customize your vocabulary.

The smart design makes QuickTalker 23 easy to use. Large buttons with built-in key guards help users select the right message. Change levels with a press of a button. Overlays are stored inside and slide in and out easily. Sturdy construction without mechanical levers and dials make QuickTalker 23 extremely durable. The QuickTalker 23 is lightweight (1.7 lbs) and its built-in handle makes it very portable. Requires 4 AA batteries to operate.


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