New lift for RV or semi by Coach Lift


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Brand new, still in original box lift for RV or semi. Cost $5500! Made to fit inside door so no outside mounting.

The following parts are included with this Coach Lift® :
[1] Lift tube
[1] Power-head & connection wires
[1] Chair with seat belt & stabilizing chain with [2] snap hooks, [1] eye bolt for chair & [1] receiving eyebolt
[1] Drop Arm Part A [rectangular steel piece hinged on both sides)
[1] Drop Arm Part B [L-shaped steel piece with hinges at the top)
[2] T-Pins for connecting Drop Arm Part A to lift tube; connecting Drop Arm Part
B to Drop Arm Part A
[1] Hand held cable control
[1] Upper bracket with set screw
[1] Steel collar with [2] set screws mounted to base plate
[1] 30 amp auto reset breaker
[1] Wiring Kit: #10 Gauge Wiring / [2] ring connectors for battery / [2] ring
connectors for 30 amp breaker /
[2] female connectors / [2] male connectors for positive and
negative leads to #10 gauge wire
Owner’s operating & maintenance information
Allen wrench & emergency hand crank with square to hex adapter (in envelope)
Necessary items NOT included:
[4] 3/16″ self-tapping bolts; [2] – [4] 3/8″ Carriage Bolts; 1/4″ x 2.5″ steel plate material (for upper bracket reinforcement/modification)

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