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4D Mini Finger Trackball Mouse

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Features 3-button design with thumb-controlled trackball.

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  • Off-table design and without limitation of operational space for free and comfortable operation.
  • User does not have to sit close to monitor by using this 4D Mini Finger Trackball Mouse.
  • Fits left and right-handed users.


How to Use:

  1. Put your index or middle finger into the hole of the 4D Mini Finger Trackball Mouse.
  2. Control the track ball for moving cursor and press the right and left button with your thumb.
  3. When using a drag and go function, press the button in the hole of the 4D Mini Finger Trackball Mouse that has the same function as the left button of the common mouse.
  4. Use the left button to lock the screen and then you can control the track ball to scroll your screen freely.



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