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Beginning Sounds Interactive Game

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Game with bright pictures and fun sound effects to introduce students to common letter sounds. Students will build a basic base of 18 beginning letter sounds and 4 related words that start with each sound as they play Beginning Sounds Interactive Game.

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The goal of this app is to have students listening, sounding out words and identifying beginning sounds. Students select 3 pictures that represent beginning letter sounds and start the game. They must then correctly sort a group of 9 pictures into columns representing the 3 letter sounds they selected. For example, students may choose pictures of a fish, a hat, and a monkey. They will then see pictures of the number four, mice, a hive, a fan, a map, a horse, a fire, a mask, and a hand. Correctly sorting the pictures earns them a cheer and a chance to play again — choosing new sounds, sticking with the same sounds, or letting the app choose the sounds for them.


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