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Cheap Talk 4 In-Line Direct

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Communication  made easy with four message choices.

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The Cheap Talk 4 In-Line Direct has four message squares and plays one of the 5-second messages when you press the corresponding square. This device helps with developing simple communication.

The maximum message length for any single colored plate is five seconds, up to a total of 20 seconds for all 4 plates. If desired, a longer message can be recorded using the first plate, but each segment over five seconds will use the memory of succeeding plates. For example: A 15-second message would use the memory of plates 1-3, leaving only plate 4 free for recording.

The four large, colorful plates provide ample space for words, symbols or pictures. These visuals should be cut or designed to fit in the square inset area of each plate, and then covered with the clear overlays provided. To do this, simply bend the clear plastic overlay and slip the slides into the slots.

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