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Flic: Wireless Smart Button

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Control anything with a push of a button.

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Control anything with a push of a button. Flic is a wireless smart button that sticks to any surface and can activate functions of smart devices predefined by the user through the Flic app, such as connecting to your smart home.

Flic features:

  • Wearable
  • Assign tasks to smart devices with 3 shortcuts: click, 2x(double) click, and hold
  • Control home environment smart devices such as lights, thermostat, television, and the Flic Hub
  • The Flic Button can also be connected to The Flic Hub, which will allow the user to create a smart home
  • The Flic Hub can connect over 60 Flic Buttons


Read Flic Button User Manual

Read Flic Hub User Manual

For more information on setting up your Flic Button for the first time, watch these instructional videos.



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