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Jumbo Switch

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Activate your switch-adapted toy/device with this Jumbo Switch! This large surface area is perfect for people with limited target ability.

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Enabling Devices Jumbo Switch has a large surface area that is perfect for people with limited target ability.

Features of the Jumbo Switch include:

  • Size: 5⅛ inch D x 1-inch H
  • Weight: ¾ lb
  • Large activation area of 5 1/8 inches for people who need a wider surface
  • Includes a removable mounting plate
  • 3 base mounting holes – attach to a variety of surfaces
  • 2 plastic covers – one with a lip and another without
  • Includes 9 self-adhesive non-skid feet for use with or without the base
  • FAAST has 4 bright colors to choose from available – blue, yellow, green, and red


Adapted buttons like the Jumbo Switch operate toys and devices with a press. This large button can help in the following aspects of everyday living:

Learning: The Jumbo Switch can help the user learn concepts like cause and effect with activated learning tools.

Playing: Use the Jumbo Switch to turn on one of the many adapted toys available from Enabling Devices.

Communicating: Press the Jumbo Switch to activate a communication device that plays a message or shows an image.


** This Jumbo Switch is red colored. **

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