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Print It! Icon Maker CD

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Print your own icons for your communicator! Compatible with MOST Enabling Devices communicators.

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This inexpensive Icon Maker created by Enabling Devices enables users to print their own icons. Compatible with most Enabling Devices communicators including: Advanced Auditory Communicator, Big Talks, Big Talk Triple Play, Cheap Talks, Choice 4, Communication Builders, Go! Boards, Hip Talks, Jumbo Switches, Laptop Communicator, On-the-Go Communicators, Pancake Switches, Sentence Maker, Put Em-Arounds, Small Talk, Talk 4/8, Talkables II, III, IV, Twin Talk, 32 Message Communicator and Visually Impaired Communicators. Icon Maker has up to 300 color icons and includes usage instructions and icon templates. PDF Format is compatible with PCs and MACs.

Print your own!

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