Smyle Mouse – Next-Gen Head Mouse & Switch




Smyle Mouse software provides hands-free, voice-free & touch-free mouse control and switch access via facial gestures captured by a webcam.  No specialized cameras or hardware accessories required.


  • Advanced head mouse
  • Smile clicker
  • Dwell clicker
  • Adaptive switch emulator

Easy Mouse and Switch Control:

  • Point, click, drag, and scroll
  • Pixel perfect, responsive, and smooth
  • Simple and gentle gestures
  • 10-second quick calibration

Hardware-, Accessories- & Wearables-free:

  • No infrared / 3D cameras required
  • No sip-n-puff, bite, head, or foot adaptive switches required
  • No stickers-on-face
  • No care giver needed to adjust settings

Do What You Want, Where You Want:

  • Communicate & socialize (AAC speech generation, email, chat, etc.)
  • Be productive at work or school
  • Play video games, pursue hobbies, music, entertainment
  • Use indoors or outdoors (even in bright sun)

FREE 14-day Trial:

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