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Snow 10 Pro Handheld Video Magnifier

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This video magnifier is a perfect combination of a reader, a mirror, and an audio player.

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Snow 10 Pro is a 10-inch handheld video magnifier with features including text-to-speech, OCR, a built-in 3-way camera, magnification to 19x, the ability to store up to 1,000 images, and a built-in audio player.
Place Snow 10 Pro over any printed material and seconds later hear the words spoken out loud as they are highlighted in 4 high contrast color modes. Choose between a male or female voice and select the reading speed you prefer.
Choose between Near-View, Distance-View, and Self-View when using the 3-position camera. When Self-View is selected the Snow 10 Pro camera changes direction to face the user, thus allowing inspection of one’s face or hair, or even makeup application.
Reading long text is made easier with help from Snow 10 Pro’s Reading Mode. A reading line helps ensure you do not lose your place or move to the wrong line.
Snow 10 Pro lets you store up to 1,000 images which you either create using the Snow 10 Pro camera or transfer in from another source.
Listen to audio-books or music easily with the built-in audio player of the Snow 10 Pro.
Battery life will last with 3.5 hours of continuous use. Fully charge an empty Snow 10 Pro battery in just 2 hours.


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