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Snow 12 video magnifier with foldable stand

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Portable video magnifier featuring magnification up to 19x, text-to-speech, OCR, and a foldable stand.

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Zoomax Snow 12 is a portable video magnifier that delivers true visual independence for people with low vision. It features a unique foldable stand that elevates Snow 12 so that you can more easily read, write, look at objects or even perform full-page scanning using the powerful OCR and text-to-speech. With standard features like a 12-inch full-HD touch screen display, magnification up to 19x, and a simple accessible interface, Snow 12 is perfect for all situations.

Snow 12 features:

  • Detachable & foldable stand
  • Full page scan & reading
  • Superior image quality
  • Adjustable high contrast color intensity
  • Comfortable writing space
  • Reading accessible instructional materials
  • Analog stick and touch screen control
  • Voice prompts
  • Power saving stand-by mode
  • OCR and text-to-speech in 20+ languages

Try the Snow 12 external distance camera for when you need extra help viewing objects or written text on the other side of the room. The external distance camera has a viewing distance up to 115 feet. Using the external distance camera is extremely easy: just connect it with Snow 12 via USB type-C cable and Snow 12 switches automatically into distance view mode. When you need to read something close-up, simply pull out the cable and Snow 12 returns back to normal view again.

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