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Tecla Shield

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The Tecla Shield gives those with limited upper body mobility (due to disability or disease) access to their touchscreen devices. Tecla makes it possible to use iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as computers. All are accessible via assistive buttons, switches or wheelchair driving controls*.


  • Works with the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone or Android (we recommend the Nexus or Pixel devices or Samsung devices with the Universal Switch accessibility feature)
  • 6 modes available, including 4-way joystick navigation 
  • Customizable experience for Android 5 and earlier devices using the Tecla App for Android
  • Integrated speed and mode configuration buttons
  • Use up to 6 switches or your wheelchair driving controls
  • Connect to your device via Bluetooth without a PIN pairing code
  • Automatically connect to your last paired device
  • 18-meter connectivity range
  • Built-in, rechargeable battery which lasts over 90 hours with continuous use

*For wheelchair access, the chair must be equipped with an Environmental Control Unit (ECU) or input/Output Module (IOM), or use compatible wireless driving control from ASL. Click here to learn more.


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