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Time Timer PLUS

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Visual Analog Timer



  • Time Management: visual analog countdown clock with carrying handle to stay on task, assists with organization and concentration. As time expires, the visible display of the colored-disk disappears in clockwise direction
  • The visual design of the Time Timer is proven to ease transitions and encourages independence and productivity for all abilities, including those with Autism, ADHD, or other special needs
  • Quiet operation and optional loud alert: No loud ticking provides the silence and focus for school, homework, training and other silent or group activities. The volume-controlled alarm signal when time is up can be dialed up for a loud alert or down to silent for sound-sensitive environments
  • Award-winning: Teacher’s Choice Award for both the Classroom and Family, in addition to being recognized by the Able Play rating system.
  • Desktop-sized visual timer: 5.5 inches x 7 inches. Ideal for individual use or small to medium groups. 
Timers Available:
  • 60 Minute
  • 20 Minute
  • 5 Minute


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