BeHear Now


Personalizable hearing amplifier for live conversations, mobile calls, and streamed audio.



The BeHear Now  assistive hearing headset is a personal sound amplifier with hearing enhancement functions including noise reduction, echo cancellation, and it slows down speech dynamically during phone conversations.

BeHear Now  features include:

Bluetooth stereo headset for wireless mobile phone calls and media playback
Assistive hearing device for enhanced intelligibility of speech and other important sounds
Digital hearing aid for personalized sound amplification across a wide sound spectrum
Customizable using the W&H BeHear app

BeHear Now headset can be used for:

In-person conversations
Mobile phone conversations
Music/audio streaming
Television viewing
Movies, theater, and concert performances

Try pairing BeHear Now headset with a HearLink Plus to give your hearing experience an extra boost.

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BeHear Now