HearLink Plus


Pair with the BeHear Now headset to stream audio.



HearLink Plus is an assistive listening transmitter designed to enhance a user’s listening experience for television and other audio sources. It pairs with the BeHear Now headset to stream audio directly to the headset. The HearLink Plus audio transmitter is designed to help viewers comprehend television dialogue and enjoy programs without increasing the volume beyond levels comfortable to other viewers. The BeHear Now headset can be connected to the HearLink Plus TV transmitter and to a smartphone at the same time. This allows you to watch TV while also allowing you to make/receive phone calls.

HearLink Plus features include:

Low latency audio streaming for optimal lip sync
Long range connectivity of up to ~200 feet
Seamless operation with BeHear headsets with remote play/pause control
Bypass mode enables single cable connection to additional auxiliary speaker

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BeHear Now available in the lending library at FAAST.org

HearLink Plus