Mini-Com Sequencer Communicator


Large 5-inch angled activation surface on this sequential message communicator with 5-minutes of recording time that can help to develop communication skills and learning through game play.



Enabling Devices Mini-Com Sequencer is a sequential message communicator with 5-minutes of recording time. Mini-Com Sequence r has a 5-inch activation surface on an angled platform that includes an icon, picture or word holder to help users develop simple communication skills. The Sequencing options make it ideal for learning through game play.  Mini-Com Sequencer will retain recorded information indefinitely, even if the battery is disconnected. Previously stored information will be erased only when new recording is performed. Mini-Com Sequence r also can easily attach with other Mini-Com Sequencers to form a line of communicator switches. Weight: 0.5-pound.
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Mini-Com Sequencer Communicator