Penclic R2 Computer Mouse


Pen-shaped computer mouse



We have completely re-designed the traditional computer mouse and created an elegant input device which is more ergonomically correct, more natural to use and takes less space on one’s desk. Improve Efficiency with Customizable Buttons Program the buttons as you prefer in order to quickly execute your most widely used functions. Options include five (5) programmable buttons and a scroll wheel. Reduce and Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Compared to traditional computer mice which bend the wrist up and twist the forearm inward, our mouse keeps the arm in a natural position facing into the body without unnecessary twists and strain. Recharge and Keep Going Plug in via USB to recharge the battery or switch out for a standard AAA battery to use the wireless function immediately. View Penclic for more information.


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Penclic R2 Computer Mouse