Snow 7 HD Plus Handheld Video Magnifier


Easy to use 7-inch handheld video magnifier with powerful OCR and Text-to-Speech.



Snow 7 HD Plus is a 7″ handheld video magnifier that uses text-to-speech technology. Simply, take a photo image of a page of text and then Snow 7 HD Plus converts it into speech for you. Words are highlighted in 4 contrasting colors as they are spoken out loud. English and almost 20 other languages are available. Snow 7 HD Plus offers storage for up to 1,000 images. The device also supports 2-way image transmission with a Windows PC, using the supplied USB cable.

Thanks to 13 Megapixel camera, Snow 7 HD Plus now allows low vision users to view distinctly both in close-up and in distance. From fixed restaurant banner, to flash scene on the TV screen, you can see them easily using distance viewing. Great color rendition can present every detail explicitly without blur.

Panning lets you move over the entire magnified image. Old handheld magnifiers require you to manipulate a tiny joystick in order to move around magnified images. The new Snow 7 HD Plus is different and better. The amazing touch-screen lets you move a finger in any direction you want, and the screen moves with you. It doesn’t matter if your hand trembles a bit. Unlike the old joystick approach, panning on the Snow 7 HD Plus is smooth and easy to do. Enjoy!

The reading line can help you locate content more easily. It is especially helpful for people suffering with vision distortion. Snow 7 HD Plus adds 2 types of reading line, horizontal and vertical, for better reading experience.

Snow 7 HD Plus is a new entry for low vision people to regain independence.


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Snow 7 HD Plus Handheld Video Magnifier