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Gumball Switch

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The Gumball Switch has a 2.5-inch activation surface and a removable base with three holes for easy mounting.

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The Gumball Switch was designed for easy operation and long-lasting use. Provides extraordinary tactile and audible feedback. The Gumball Switch features a 2.5-inch activation surface, removable base with three holes for easy mounting, and comes with two plastic covers – one with a lip, one without.

People with a wide range of motor abilities can use the Gumball Switch to make their daily lives more accessible. Press the button to:

  • Learn: The Gumball Switch works with adapted educational tools that teach concepts like cause and effect.
  • Play: The Gumball Switch will operate switch adapted toys and games that let everyone have fun.
  • Communicate: When you connect the Gumball Switch to a communication device, you can use it to play a message or show an image.


** This Gumball Switch is yellow colored. **

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Read the Gumball Switch User’s Guide HERE



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