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Device Reuse and Reutilization

The assistive technology reutilization program provides for the exchange, repair, recycling or other reutilization of assistive technology devices and durable medical equipment, which may include redistribution through device sales, loans, rentals or donations, carried out either directly or in collaboration with another entity.

Why is the ReUse of AT important?

The FAAST Regional Reutilization Centers (RRCs) provide an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to possibly acquire used but refurbished devices at little or no cost. The centers receive donations of used equipment and make the necessary maintenance upgrades and repairs to get the equipment in working order once again. This equipment often includes mobility, computers and other forms of durable medical equipment. Contact the center nearest you for more information and a list of equipment available.

#FAASTFact: In 2020, 566 recipients acquired 812 reutilized devices through FAAST. A total of $227,335 was saved by device recipients by purchasing/obtaining reutilized AT instead of new. In addition, 89% of the reutilized device recipients indicated that they would not have been able to afford the AT or obtain it from other sources if it were not for the reuse services of FAAST. The cost of those individuals being unable to work, learn or live in the community without the AT they need would be immeasurable.

Device Reuse and Reutilization - FAQ's

Are items posted on the AT List free?

Any item posted by one of our five Regional ReUse Centers is free! Community members can sell their devices on the AT List and may have fees or shipping costs.


The device I want on the AT List is far from me. Do you provide shipping?

Since there are some large items on our AT List, it depends on the item and location. Please contact the Regional ReUse Center that posted the item to learn more about pick-up and delivery options.


Who is eligible to receive a device from the AT List?

We allow all Floridians who have a disability, their family members, or their representatives to participate in this AT List.


How many devices can I get at once?

It depends on the availability of the items and if several people are requesting the device. We want to give you as many as you need but want to make sure everyone has a chance to receive a device.


What type of devices are on the AT List?

We typically receive a majority of donated durable medical equipment and aids for daily living; however, we accept all types of assistive technology!


Can I post a device on the AT List?

Yes! You can either donate it to your local Regional ReUse Center or post it yourself on the AT List. To post an ad, visit


What kind of equipment donations do you accept?

We accept all types of assistive technology! Contact your local Regional Reuse Center for more on how to donate a device.


Can you bring the device to me?

Since some devices are large and resources may be limited to transport the equipment, it is a case-by-case situation.


How long can I keep the equipment?

You can keep the device for as long as you need it! We only ask that you return it when you’re done with it so someone else who needs it can use it, keeping the ReUse cycle going!


My device is broken, can FAAST repair it?

Our ReUse centers can repair broken assistive technology devices. A trained staff member or community partner will fix the device. Funds for this service are limited, so device repairs are on a first-come, first-serve basis.


How long do device repairs take?

Since every situation is different, repair wait times vary. To borrow a device during repair, ask your local reuse center!

How Can You Get Services From FAAST? Contact the Regional Demonstration Center that services your county. That’s it… No formal referral is necessary. Anyone may utilize services. Services provided at no cost.

Florida Alliance for Assistive Services & Technology

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>Toll-Free: TTY: 1-877-506-2723


To locate your nearest Regional Demonstration Center, please call us Toll-Free at 1-844-353-2278.

The Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology, Inc. (FAAST) is administered through the Florida Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and is federally funded by the Administration on Community Living under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as amended in 2004 (P.L. 108-364).

Since its onset in 1994, FAAST has been and remains a resource to provide Floridians free access to information, referral services, educational programs, and funding opportunities for assistive technology.