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Short Term Device Loans

FAAST provides short-term loans of assistive technology devices to individuals, employers, public agencies, or others seeking to meet the needs of targeted individuals and entities.

The FAAST Statewide Device Loan Program (FAAST Lending Library) provides access to assistive technology that allows Florida residents to borrow a specific device or technology for 15 to 35 days to determine if it is the right tool and technology for their increased independence. A person in need can contact the state headquarters for information on available devices and technology. The device is shipped to the consumer at no charge. This program allows a real experience with different types of technology to allow a person with a disability to make a more informed decision before purchasing or acquiring assistive technology.

Reasons for needing a short-term device loan may be:

  • To assist in decision-making;
  • To serve as a loaner while the consumer is waiting for device repair or funding;
  • To provide an accommodation on a short-term basis; or
  • For professional development.

*Device lending services are only available to Florida Residents. Are you looking for AT devices outside of the Florida area? Click on the button below to look for resources.

Assistive technology devices discussed in FAAST Public Awareness and Training

Why does the AT Loan Program matter?

FAAST short-term loans provided access to AT devices to many individuals who would not have been able to afford the devices otherwise.

Additionally, FAAST provides short term loans of AT devices to individuals, employers, public agencies or others seeking to meet the needs of targeted individuals and entities, including others seeking to comply with IDEA, ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

What types of devices are available to borrow?

    • Vision
    • Hearing
    • Speech Communication
    • Learning, Cognition, and Development
    • Mobility, Seating, and Positioning
    • Daily Living
    • Environmental Adaptations
    • Vehicle Modifications and Transportation
    • Computers and Related
    • Recreation, Sports, Leisure
#FAASTFact: Over 99% of respondents were satisfied with the devices made available to them through short-term loans.

Why Experience Matters

Demonstration of a variety of AT devices and/or services by personnel who are familiar with such devices and services and their applications, allowing individuals to make an informed choice.

#FAASTFact: In 2020, 2,537 devices were borrowed from short-term device loan programs operated through FAAST. Assuming an average savings of $1,000 per device loan, and keeping in mind multiple items are often borrowed to find a solution, FAAST calculates a statewide savings of $1.09 million. In addition, assuming a minimal $10-per-day rental fee for the average device loan period, we project a statewide savings of $180,250 for devices borrowed to meet a short-term need (since these devices did not have to be rented).

AT Device Loans - FAQ's

How do I request a device loan?

There are three ways to request a device loan:

  • Online through the device loan library at www.faast.org.
  • Through your local Regional Demonstration Center.
  • Through the Statewide Help Desk.


How long can I borrow a device?
You can borrow a device for up to 30 days. We can extend the loan period if you need more time deciding, waiting on funding, or during the repair of your device. We understand you may need more time with the device, but we also want to give everyone a chance to borrow it. We will grant extensions if no one is waiting to borrow the device.


I want to try a device that is not listed on the FAAST website. How do I request it?
Just ask! We have additional items at our Regional Demonstration Centers available to borrow. If you have a specific device in mind, please contact your local Center for more information on the options.


Can I have a device shipped to me? Do I have to pay for shipping?
Yes, we can ship devices directly to you for free. When requesting a device loan from your local Regional Demonstration Center, let them know you would like the device shipped. You can also ask them about other pick-up methods, such as curbside pick-up.


If I request a device online, how long does it take to receive it?
After requesting a device loan, your local Regional Demonstration Center will contact you to complete an application. After your application is received, the processing time is about 3-7 business days.


If I borrow a device and I like it, can I keep it?
While you cannot keep that device, we will point you in the right direction to acquire your own!


How many devices can I borrow at once?
We allow a borrower to take home up to four (4) devices at a time.


The borrowed device isn’t what I expected and will not meet my needs. Can I borrow a different one?
You can borrow another device until you find what works best for you! A great thing about our device loan program is you can keep trying before you commit to one.


How much does it cost to borrow a device?
This service is free! If you request that the device be shipped to you, we will cover the shipping both ways.


Now that I found the device that will work for me, what funding resources does FAAST offer?
We offer financial loans to acquire assistive technology. We also have a Reutilization program where you may find the device you were looking for at our AT Reutilization Partners (Opens in New Tab) or on the AT List.

For insurance and funding questions, since everyone’s situation may differ, you can call your local Regional Demonstration Center or the Statewide Help Desk at 844-353-2278 or info@faastinc.org. We also have videos that cover funding assistive technology on our training webinars and the FAAST YouTube channel.


Can I borrow a device on behalf of my student/patient/employee?
You can borrow it on behalf of someone else. Whoever signs the device loan agreement is responsible for the return and upkeep of the device.

How Can You Get Services From FAAST? Contact the Regional Demonstration Center that services your county. That’s it… No formal referral is necessary. Anyone may utilize services. Services are provided at no cost.