Frequently Asked Questions

Program Wide Questions

What services do you provide?

We provide the following assistive technology services:

  • Information and Assistance
  • Device Demonstration
  • Device Loan
  • Training and Public Awareness
  • Device Reutilization
  • State Financing


What is the difference between a Regional Demonstration Center and AT Reutilization Partner?
The demonstration center’s services focus on helping you learn which assistive technology device is the best fit for you. These services include information and assistance, demonstrations, device loans, and training. The Reutilization Partners use FAAST funds to distribute refurbished donated equipment and repair devices in their community. These services include assistive technology open-ended device loans, repair, and host an AT List on (Opens in a New Tab).


Where is the closest Center to me?
We have centers all around Florida, including twelve demonstration centers, nine Reutilization Partners, and a State Headquarters. To find the Center closest to you, visit our Regional Services Center page or call the Statewide Help Desk (844-353-2278).


How much do FAAST services cost?
Our services are free for Floridians!


Where do I start to receive FAAST services?
If you’re unsure of where to start, the Statewide Help Desk is a great resource to help guide you through our resources. From there, we can direct you to the right Center based on what resources you are interested in and where you live. The Statewide Help Desk is your one-stop-shop for all things FAAST. The number for the Statewide Help Desk is 844-353-2278.


Who can receive FAAST Services?
Individuals who have disabilities
Family members, guardians, and authorized representatives
Representatives of
Health, Allied Health, and Rehabilitation
Community Living

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I request a demonstration?
To schedule a demonstration, please call or email your local Regional Demonstration Center or the Statewide Help Desk at 844-353-2278 or


Do I need a prescription from my health care provider?
No, you do not need a prescription to participate in a device demonstration.


Are these formal assistive technology assessments?
While these are not formal assessments, demonstrations are a helpful tool to allow you to have a hands-on comparison of similar devices. Demonstrations will give you a chance to narrow down which devices will and will not work for you. We will help you navigate the device and teach you how to use it. To learn how to receive a formal assistive technology assessment, contact your local Regional Demonstration Center or the Statewide Help Desk at 844-353-2278 or


After getting a demonstration, what are my next steps?
The next step is to try it at home! We recommend borrowing the device to see if it fits in with your daily schedule and lifestyle. The device may seem perfect during the demo, but you may find you prefer something else during the trial.


How many devices can be shown in one demo?
We can demonstrate several similar devices or multiple settings on a single device. Seeing various devices at once helps determine what features you prefer. You can also schedule several demonstrations if you need assistance with other tasks!


If I find a device that is the right fit for me, can I buy it from FAAST?
We do not sell any assistive technology, but we can help point you in the right direction to purchase the device.


Do you offer virtual demonstrations?
Yes, we do! To schedule a virtual demonstration, contact your local Regional Demonstration Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Device Loans

How do I request a device loan?
There are three ways to request a device loan:
Online through the device loan library at
Through your local Regional Demonstration Center.
Through the Statewide Help Desk.


How long can I borrow a device?
You can borrow a device for up to 30 days. We can extend the loan period if you need more time deciding, waiting on funding, or during the repair of your device. We understand you may need more time with the device, but we also want to give everyone a chance to borrow it. We will grant extensions if no one is waiting to borrow the device. 


I want to try a device that is not listed on the FAAST website. How do I request it?
Just ask! We have additional items located at our Regional Demonstration Centers that are available to borrow. If you have a specific device in mind, please reach out to your local Center for more information on the options.


Can I have a device shipped to me? Do I have to pay for shipping?
Yes, we can ship devices directly to you for free. When requesting a device loan from your local Regional Demonstration Center, let them know you would like the device shipped. You can also ask them about other pick-up methods available such as curbside pick-up. 


If I request a device online, how long does it take to receive it?
After requesting a device loan, your local Regional Demonstration Center will contact you to complete an application. After your application is received, the processing time is about 3-7 days business days. 


If I borrow a device and I like it, can I keep it?
While you can not keep that device, we will point you in the right direction to acquire your own! 


How many devices can I borrow at once?
We allow a borrower to take home up to four devices at a time. 


The device I borrowed isn’t what I expected and will not meet my needs. Can I borrow a different one?
You can borrow another device until you find what works best for you! A great thing about our device loan program is you can keep trying before you commit to one.


How much does it cost to borrow a device?
This service is free! If you request the device be shipped to you, we will cover the shipping both ways.


Now that I found the device that will work for me, what funding resources does FAAST offer?
We offer financial loans to acquire assistive technology. We also have a reutilization program where you may find the device you were looking for at our AT Reutilization Partners or on (Opens in a New Tab)

For insurance and funding questions, since everyone’s situation may be different, you can call your local Regional Demonstration Center or the Statewide Help Desk at 844-353-2278 or We also have videos that cover funding assistive technology on our training webinars and the FAAST YouTube channel. 


Can I borrow a device on behalf of my student/patient/employee?
You can borrow it on behalf of someone else. Whoever signs the device loan agreement is responsible for the return and upkeep of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Training and Public Awareness

What size groups do you offer training?
We can provide training to individuals and any size groups. 


Can you come to my home, office, or school for the training?
You can schedule a training at your office and school by contacting your local demonstration center for their availability.


Do you provide virtual training?
We provide both in-person and virtual training. To schedule a training session, contact your local demonstration center. We also offer bi-monthly assistive technology webinars. These are free live webinars with topics that range from products to funding. We post the recording of these webinars on our YouTube channel. 


Can I pick the training topic?
If there is a specific topic you would like more training on, we are happy to provide on-demand and customized assistive technology training. 


Can I receive training on FAAST Services?
If you want to know more about FAAST and the resources we provide, we can schedule a presentation for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Loans

What type of devices can I finance?
You can finance any type of assistive technology, including modified vehicles, accessible home modifications, and technology needed for employment.


What is the difference between a device loan and the New Horizon Loan Program?
The device loan program is a service that allows you to borrow a device for a short period to help decide if this is the right device for you, while waiting for funding or repair, and to help you increase your knowledge of AT. The New Horizon Loan Program is a financial loan program with flexible terms and lower interest rates that provide funding to purchase AT.


Are there credit and debt-to-income requirements?
Our program, while more flexible than traditional bank loans, still has some credit and debt-to-income limitations. The target guidelines are a credit score of 600, and a maximum debt-to-income is 50%; however, the entire credit history is reviewed, and FAAST works with each borrower to understand reasons and causes of scores that might not fit into these guidelines.


 I’m on a fixed income. Can I receive a loan?
Our program does not have income requirements and has been able to benefit individuals on a fixed income. The debt to income ratio will analyze your income amount compared to your housing and debt payments to determine if you meet the underwriting criteria guidelines.


What is the maximum amount I can finance?
The maximum loan amount for most secured loans is $25,000 and up to $40,000 for vehicle purchases based on additional underwriting criteria. For unsecured loans, there are also additional underwriting criteria for loans over $12,000.


Do I qualify for a loan?
We evaluate each client’s ability to pay back a loan in manageable monthly payments. We review your credit, debt to income and analyze other criteria to make a loan decision. Any Florida resident who is an individual with a disability (or your family member, friend, or caregiver who is a Florida resident) may apply for a loan for consideration of approval.


How long does the process take?
Every application and situation is different; however, it is reasonable to expect a loan decision to be made within 10 days – 2 weeks from the application date.


What is my monthly payment? We try to work with our applicants to find manageable monthly payments. The monthly payments vary from client to client and are based on the amount financed, interest rate, and term length.


How long are the loan terms?
Loan terms may be as long as 60 months depending on the loan amount, type of AT, and payments need of the borrower. For most vehicle loans, the term can be extended out to 84 months.


What are the interest rates? FAAST’s goal is to provide competitive and in most cases, lower, interest rates than a traditional bank would offer for similar loans. FAAST keeps the rates as low as possible to help borrowers avoid predatory lenders and keep monthly payments and terms within the borrower’s capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

AT Reutilization

Are items posted on the AT List free?
Any item posted by one of our nine AT Reutilization Partners is free! Community members can sell their devices on (Opens in a New Tab) and may have fees or shipping costs. 


The device I want on the AT List is far from me. Do you provide shipping?
Since there are some large items on our AT List, it depends on the item and location. Please get in touch with the AT Reutilization Partner that posted the item to learn more about pick-up and delivery options.


Who is eligible to receive a device from the AT List?
We allow all Floridians who have a disability, their family members, or their representatives to participate in this AT List.


How many devices can I get at once?
It depends on the availability of the items and if several people are requesting the device. We want to give you as many as you need but want to make sure everyone has a chance to receive a device. 


What types of devices are on the AT List?
We typically receive a majority of donated durable medical equipment and aids for daily living; however, we accept all types of assistive technology!


Can I post a device on the AT List?
Yes! You can donate it to your local AT Reutilization Partner or post it on the AT List. To post an ad, visit (Opens in a New Tab)


What kind of equipment donations do you accept?
We accept all types of assistive technology! Contact your local AT Reutilization Partner for more on how to donate a device. 


Can you bring the device to me?
Since some devices are large and resources may be limited to transport the equipment, it is a case-by-case situation. 

How long can I keep the equipment?
You can keep the device for as long as you need it! We only ask that you return it when you’re done with it so someone else who needs it can use it, keeping the Reutilization cycle going! 


My device is broken, can FAAST repair it?
Our Reutilization Partners can repair broken assistive technology devices. A trained staff member or community partner will fix the device. Funds for this service are limited, so device repairs are on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


How long do device repairs take?
Since every situation is different, repair wait times vary. To borrow a device during repair, ask your local AT Reutilization Partner!