Board of Directors

Welcome to the Florida Alliance of Assistive Services and Technology Board of Directors / Assistive Technology Advisory Council. We’re grateful that you’re interested in learning more about our board.

The Assistive Technology Advisory Council (ATAC) acts as the board of directors for FAAST and is mandated by the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as amended in 2004 (P.L. 108-364) and Florida Statute 413.407. ATAC members represent individuals who have disabilities that use assistive technology or the family members or guardians of the individuals, consumer organizations concerned with assistive technology, business and industry concerned with assistive technology, and state agencies that provide or coordinate assistive technology devices or services for individuals who have disabilities.

Woman in a wheelchair taking a remote board meeting from her desk representing the board meetings for FAAST.People of multiple races and abilties with their hands on top of each other to represent teamwork for the FAAST Board

2023 Assistive Technology Advisory Council

Who We Are

Executive Committee Leadership

  • Brain Nerland, Chair
  • Janet Good – Vice-Chair
  • Kailey Medlock, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Sarah Goldman, State Representative
  • Betsy Burgos, At-Large Member 
  • Horace Brown, Vocational Rehabilitation Representative
  • Enrique Escallon, Public Policy, and Advocacy Committee Chair
  • Eddie Hall
  • Mary Jarrett
  • Lesa Kretschmer, Service Delivery Committee Chair
  • Dan McGrew, CareerSource Florida Representative
  • Thomas Moon
  • Brandon Palermo, Financial Loan Committee Chair
  • Angel Perez
  • Kristi Warren, Center for Independent Living Representative
  • Adriann Keve – Division of Blind Services Representative

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