Device Demonstrations

We are #Here2Help you find the device that best fits your needs. We demonstrate the features and advantages of two or three similar devices to find what works for you.

After you receive an Assistive Technology Assessment, we can demonstrate different devices that may fit your needs. From the devices recommended, we demonstrate the features. For example, three different devices seem like they might work for you. Instead of choosing at random or the one with the best reviews online, you can actually see for yourself how and why it is or isn’t the one for you.

Because of the high cost and variety of assistive technology devices, device demonstrations are important in the decision-making process. Knowing the advantages before you purchase will reduce your wondering if you have the best device for you. With the expanding industry of AT, there are several options that have similar features. Since most devices serve individuals differently, we think it’s important to compare the differences side by side before you decide. We are committed to helping you make the most informed decision that’s right for you.

Speech Generating iPad Apps

Example Comparison

For a comprehensive Device Demonstration, contact us!