FAAST, Inc is the State of Florida’s number one resource for assistive technology (AT).

We provide AT Services such as:

  • Information & Assistance
  • AT Training
  • AT Demonstrations
  • AT Device Loans
  • and More!

…to Floridians from one of our locations around the state.

Assistive Technology

What is AT?

Assistive Technology (AT) is any device, gadget, hardware or software used by a person to do things for themselves that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to do because of their disability.

Assistive Technology helps people with disabilities live, work, learn and play as independently as possible.


What We Do

Information & Assistance

The FAAST I&A program, one of our core services, receives questions from all over Florida about programs, services, and the field of assistive technology.

AT Device Demos

With the expanding industry of AT, many devices have similar features, so since most devices serve individuals differently, we think it’s important to compare the differences side by side before you decide.

AT Group Training

AT trainings are helpful in spreading the awareness of how important assistive technology is and how it helps people with disabilities gain independence.

AT Device Loans

Since AT serves individuals differently, We are #Here2Help you try out AT to make the right decision before committing to purchasing an AT Device.

AT Funding Assistance

We work with multiple organizations and agencies to help you find funding for the purchase of Assistive technology.

Check out our AT Lending Library

Through our device loan program, we allow you to try out the device at home, to get a feel for how it will benefit you. Since AT serves individuals differently, finding the right solution for your needs before you invest, is essential to your experience. We are #Here2Help you make the right decision before committing to an AT Device.

Browse The AT Exchange Classifieds

The AT Exchange is an online Classifieds page where you can find free or low cost assistive technology that has been sanitized, repaired, and refurbished.