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Promote early literacy skills and encourage young learners to practice braille characters and phonics.

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BrailleBuzz is an instructional tool for young braille learners ages two to five. It encourages practice with braille characters and phonics, similar to a variety of audio-based toys that teach print writing. BrailleBuzz resembles a cartoon bumblebee, encouraging little ones with audio feedback. A friendly recorded human voice and fun sounds are paired with a Perkins-style braille keyboard, designed with little hands in mind.


  • Develops finger dexterity and braille keyboarding
  • Develops emergent phonics and listening skills
  • The given letter is heard when the correct combination of dot/keys are pressed
  • The honeycomb buttons, with braille, speak the letters when pushed


Three Modes of Play:

  • Phonics Mode: Fun sound and letter associations are made
  • Keyboard Mode: All key combinations are announced with dot numbers
  • Letters Mode: Dot number announcement reinforces the relationship between reading letters and writing on the keyboard



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