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Comfort Contego Listening System

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Hear better! Amplifies conversations in meetings, watching TV, and so much more in your daily life.

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This easy to use digital wireless listening system is small, lightweight, transmits high-definition FM sound and clarity under a variety of conditions, and can be used almost anywhere. Comfort Contego can be linked to a television, sound system or other sound sources. It can be used with a neckloop​, ​headset or earbuds​.​ The Comfort Contego with neckloop can be used for t-coil hearing aid wearers. The transmitter can be used with multiple receivers to create a secure hearing system. Both the transmitter and receiver have internal zoom microphones that can be remotely adjusted for omni or directional use and volume setting. The receiver may be used alone as a personal listener by activating the built-in microphone. Comfort Contego’s transmitter and receiver are automatically “paired” to provide secure coded transmission. This feature makes it a good option for those who desire a secure communication system that cannot be eavesdropped electronically (courtrooms, business, government offices, etc.). Also try using the Comfort Contego to amplify conversations at the dinner table, in the vehicle, in restaurants, in shopping stores, and so much more.​ Choose to use the Comfort Contego with the included neckloop.

Comfort Audio’s Comfort Contego™features include:

  • ​Easy-to-read LCD menu provides a clear system for settings and adjustments.
  • 40dB amplification at 1kHz
  • ​ ​Working range is approximately 100 feet depending on the type of environment you are in.
  • ​Can achieve up to 20 hours of use (under normal conditions) after 4 hours of recharging.

Visit Comfort Audio’s Comfort Contego™ for more information.



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