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Mini-Gumball Switch

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Try this Mini-Gumball Switch with a removable mounting plate for easy mounting. Connect to adapted devices or toys and mount it anywhere!

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The Mini-Gumball Switch has a 1¼ inch activation surface, 2-inch base with 3 holes for easy mounting, and a removable mounting plate. Connect to adapted devices or toys and mount this Mini-Gumball Switch anywhere!

Try mounting this Mini-Gumball Switch on surfaces like these:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Assistive clamps and arms
  • Walls
  • Desks
  • Tables


The Mini-Gumball Switch can be used to activate connected devices for purposes such as:

  • Playing: By connecting Mini-Gumball Switch to a compatible toy, the user can press the button to have it move or make sounds.
  • Learning: A student can use Mini-Gumball Switch to activate educational devices that teach concepts like cause and effect.
  • Communicating: When you plug the Mini-Gumball Switch into a communication device, the user can press it to play a message or show an image.


** This Mini-Gumball Switch is blue colored. **

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