Big Red Twist Switch


This is a wired switch with a larger target area recommended for users whom smaller switches are difficult to use. Big Red Twist features a 5-inch activation surface that provides the user to experience an audible click and tactile feedback with each press of the switch.



The Big Red Twist provides a larger target area for users for whom smaller switches are difficult to use. The Big Red Twist is a wired switch featuring a large 5-inch diameter activation surface that activates with 5.5-oz of force. When activated, the user experiences an audible click and tactile feedback.Four twist-off switch tops – Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and a clear snap cap for symbol use are included with the Big Red Twist . Change the color of the switch top to meet your vision, cognitive, or physical need, the choice is yours. Switch tops are made of durable high impact ABS plastic, responsive across the entire surface and equipped with a 6ft cord using a 3.5mm mono plug.Big Red Twist can be paired with any switch adapted toys or devices to better suit your needs.


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Big Red Twist Switch