Caregiver Pager Alert System


Call for help at the push of a button.

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Caregiver Pager Alert System keeps both caregivers and resident at peace of mind while being able to call for help at the push of a button. This personal help alert pager system includes 2 waterproof transmitters/push call buttons for the home residents, seniors or elderly, home caregiver, etc. and 3 plugin receivers for the home attendant, home caregiver, nurse, etc.

The push call button is an easy carry. It can be put in pocket or hang on neck as pendant.
A neck strap is included with this Housecare Caregiver Pager Alert System .
Operating range is approximately 800-feet in an open area.
There are 5 levels of adjustable volume from 0db to 110db.
The pager unit/plugin receiver has 55 ring tones for your choice.
The default ringtone is “Ding-Dong”.


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Caregiver Pager Alert System