Comfort Duett Personal Listener


Easy-to-use hearing amplifier helps you hear every word loud and clear.

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This easy-to-use hearing amplifier helps you hear every word loud and clear, whether you are at a lively family dinner, chatting on the phone, or watching TV. Clever technology in the Comfort Duett Personal Listener sends important sounds like people’s voices to hearing aids, headphones, or earphones.  When every word is loud and clear, you can participate in life with confidence. The ​ Comfort Duett Personal Listener​ can discreetly go anywhere you go being it is easily pocket sized. Choose to use the  ​ Comfort Duett Personal Listener​ with the included earphone ​s​ or headphone ​s​ .


Digital Signal Processing
Automatic Gain Control
Omnidirectional internal microphone
Built-in telecoil for use with induction loop systems
Three different Max. Gain Thresholds
10 steps volume control – 2dB/step
Three different Tone presets
Aux. In and External Microphone
Functions as a t-coil induction receiver; can be used by people with t-coil hearing aids
Ideal for small groups, communicating one-on-one and in autos
Perfect for hearing aid users with and without a t-coil
Up to 60dB amplification
Add-on kits available for TV and telephone listening
Compatible with neckloop, headphone/earphone and t-coil hearing aid
Charger unit holds and charges the Comfort Duett
Large function button, distinct indications and redesigned larger, ergonomic volume controls
Approximately 3.7 ​-inch​ L x 1.4 ​-inch​ W x 0.7 ​-inch​ H
Weight 0.1  ​pounds​
Connections: Aux/Mic In, 3.5mm headphone/earphone or neckloop jack, Micro USB charging connection
Operating time: 20 hours
Charging time: approximately 3.5 hours

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Comfort Duett Personal Listener