The ProxTalker enables independent verbal picture communication for non-verbal people of all ages.



Proloquo4Text ™ is a text‑based communication app that gives a voice to those who cannot speak. It is designed to enable easy conversation and full participation in society. It achieves this through a customizable single screen layout with quick access to personal phrases, word and sentence prediction and other effort-saving features. Free voices in over 15 languages are included to enable natural-sounding communication. “Proloquo4Text is a very intuitive text-to-speech app that puts the user in control. Next generation word and sentence prediction immediately make this app stand out. Powerful communication tools can be used to compose messages in record time. Proloquo4Text’ s unique features make it the premier Augmentative and Alternative Communication solution for literate children, teenagers and adults, diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, apraxia, ALS/MND, laryngectomy, stroke, or traumatic brain injury. Communicate with ease-


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