Scanmarker Air


Pen shaped scanner that transfers printed text to a connected screen, scans 3000 characters per minute, reads a full line of text within 1 second, and you have the option to listen to the text as you scan it.

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Slide  ScanMarker Air  across any printed text and it will transfer the text via Bluetooth connection to the screen of a connected phone, tablet, or computer.  Scanmarker Air scans 3000 characters per minute. Reads a full line of text within 1 second! Listen to the text as you scan by simply plugging in headphones to the connected device. Scanmarker Air’s durable plastic outer shell is similar to a highlighter being it is lightweight and only 60 grams. ScanMarker Air  is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems (Note: Chromebooks NOT supported).

ScanMarker Air   can be used to:

Translate over 40 languages

Read menus at a restaurant
Scan barcodes at the store
Scan in equations in math class

Scan in sheet music

Read a book

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Scanmarker Air