UbiDuo 3 Wireless


Instant two way text-based communication device.



The UbiDuo 3 Wireless is a communication device that enables deaf, hard of hearing, nonverbal, and hearing people to communicate face to face without any barriers. The device consists of 2 keyboards and 2 color touch screens capable of maintaining a wireless connection at up to 300-feet between the units.

UbiDuo 3 Wireless features include:

7-inch color LCD capacitive touchscreen – Capacitive touch means the screen is just as responsive as your phone or tablet
Customizable fonts (12-point to 72-point)
Customizable text and background colors

Each half of the UbiDuo 3 is an ultra-lightweight 1.75-pounds each, 3.5-pounds total per unit
Mini-HDMI port for connecting a TV or projector – Great for when you might need to share your conversation with an audience

USB type A port for connecting flash storage – Save your conversations on a thumb drive if desired
USB-C port for charging
8-hour battery pack
4GB of total storage gives you the ability to retain and store long conversations, as well as more of them

The UbiDuo 3 Wireless is great for communication when an interpreter is needed and during interviews. Try today!
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UbiDuo 3 Wireless available in the lending library at FAAST.org

UbiDuo 3 Wireless