Vivi Dressing Aid


Pocket-sized multi-tool

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This pocket-sized dressing aid contains four tools which fold neatly away when not in use. The multi-tool includes a quick-release hand strap and pocket clip making it convenient to take with you wherever you go and to keep easily accessible when you’re needing to utilize one of its many features. The zipper pull feature allows you to pull up or pry out buried zipper tabs. Also makes undoing shoe laces quick and easy. Utilizing the button loop provides excellent control when fastening mid-sized shirt buttons. The small button hook is ideal for small or delicate shirt collar buttons. While the large button hook easily handles thick denim jean buttons. The handy Vivi Dressing Aid  provides an answer for the difficult tasks of dressing.

Features of Vivi Dressing Aid include:

Large button hook for thick denim jean buttons
Small button hook for tiny shirt buttons
Closed loop buttoner for use on delicate materials
Zipper pick to pull up zippers, pry out buried zipper tabs or help untangle shoelace knots
Each tool effortlessly folds down into a discreet pocket knife-style handle with no locks or buttons
Open triangles provide a large gripping area to help open each tool with ease
Quick-release hand strap ensures extra grip
Includes an integrated belt clip
Tool material: Fully hardened 301 stainless steel
Handle material: hard adonized aircraft aluminum
Care instructions: wash in warm water

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Vivi Dressing Aid