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The FAAST Reuse Program is a statewide network that currently consists of five Regional Reuse Centers (RRC). These reuse centers are in select Centers for Independent Living (CIL) around the state. We provide funding to these centers for the purpose of Repairing, recycling, refurbishing, & Reassigning assistive technology (AT) to Floridians.  The location and contact information for these centers can be found on our website. AT Reuse

Repair Refurbished & Recycle

Our ability to repair, refurbish, & recycle Assistive technology means that these devices can be used by people in need, rather than be sent to a landfill where their usefulness is wasted. Through various vendors and service providers, the centers can repair AT such as walkers, wheelchairs, and other low-tech items. Tire and battery replacements on power chairs are common, as well as refurbishing worn out armrests and hand grips. These activities can be done for your equipment as well as equipment you donate.

The equipment in the centers is typically acquired through donations from individuals who no longer need the equipment or from vendors and other providers. We receive donated items in good condition to refurbish to then be assigned to individuals on an open-ended long-term basis. If you would like to donate AT to FAAST Reuse, please contact FAAST or one of the Reuse Centers listed on our website.

Reassignment & Open-ended Loans

The equipment reassigned to Floridians are loaned to the individual free of charge, rather than through transferring ownership to not affect assets or benefits in any way. The individual can use the item as long as necessary to meet their need and it can be returned to the center when no longer needed so that it may be refurbished and sanitized for another person in need.

AT Exchange

The FAAST Assistive Technology Exchange is an online classifieds system that our centers list available assistive technology (AT) available for no or low cost. This exchange is available to all individuals who are looking for some form of AT. The AT Exchange includes items from categories such as:

  • Aids of Daily Living
  • Computers & Peripherals
  • Personal Care
  • Ambulation & Positioning
  • Hearing
  • Recreation
  • Vision
  • Communication
  • Home Adaptations
  • Scooters
  • Wheelchairs
  • Any tool to help!

A wheelchair lift installed inside a large passenger vanIf you have an AT need that you want u to help with, reach out to us.

We are a network of problem solvers that are #Here2Help!