GoTalk Express 32


Helps individuals with speech challenges communicate. Easily play multiple messages in sequence to form sentences.



GoTalk Express 32 offers 2 methods of operation: Standard and Express. The Standard method is touch a message key and it talks. With the Express method, users can link messages together to play in sequence.

For example:

“I would like”
“spaghetti and meatballs”
“for lunch today”
“thank you very much”

These messages will play seamlessly in the order selected to simulate typical conversation. Users can easily edit their recorded expressions, plus save one for the long term. Both Standard and Express operations are available in scanning mode also.

GoTalk Express 32 is a full-featured scanning device. Scanning is an alternative to Direct Select (pressing a message key to activate the message). Choose from 3 scanning techniques: single switch, two switch, or step scanning.

More GoTalk Express 32 Features:

32 programmable buttons allow the user to personalize each of the 5 levels with pictures and vocal recordings
Records and stores 160 messages
Plays up to 8 messages in sequence
Optional 1.5 second auditory cue for each button
Visual cues surround each message key with 4 LEDs
Size: 14¼ x 10 x 1¾ inches
Weight: 2¼ pounds

Please read the User’s Guide HERE

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GoTalk Express 32