Put-Em-Arounds communicator

A communicator that is able to record one 20-second message, has one 3.5 inches x 5 inches picture option, and mount to the wall.



Put-Em-Arounds is a unique wall communicator that allows users to be part of the conversation wherever they are. Simply mount the 1-pound device in strategic locations in the home or classroom and give users the ability to initiate communication throughout their day. Record the message (20 seconds) and allow them to actively participate with their peers, family, and teachers. Put-Em-Arounds communicator holds one photo or icon symbol in which you can switch out for different pictures or icons when needed. For example: “I have to use the bathroom” or “I’m thirsty” can be written on a piece of paper and then recorded into the Put-Em-Arounds , so that whenever a user needs to get this point across they can just simply push a button. The wall mounting hardware is included with this device.
For more information, view  Enabling Devices Put-Em-Arounds .


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Put-Em-Arounds communicator available in the lending library at FAAST.org

Put-Em-Arounds communicator