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Step Up Lending Library has a variety of sensory toys, Select one from the list below:

Magical Light Show*: The Magical Light Show Assistive Technology Switch Toy can be activated to play a flashing light show along with music and soothing vibrations. Use the incorporated capability switch, or an external switch, to activate it. The Magical Light Show Assistive Technology Switch Toy’s lights shine against a black background for higher contrast, making the toy more visible to individuals who are visually impaired. Please do not use this product with individuals who are seizure-prone.
Fiber Optic Color Changing lamp** has a shiny gem-filled base with bright LEDs! This has been switch adapted to accept a standard switch (request separately). Colors illuminate and change when your switch is pressed and stop when the switch is released. Great for cause-effect, visual stimulation, and tactile/sensory stimulation. Perfect to teach colors and encourage language skills.
Twiddles:  Whatever the sensory need, Enabling Devices’  soft, cuddly Twiddles can help. Decorated with a variety of materials such as a soft-plastic ball, wooden beads, ribbons, and a Velcro pull patch, Twiddles provides comfort, mental and physical stimulation.
Vibrating Seal: Give a hug and these soft, cuddly animals will gently vibrate, providing somatosensory stimulation and relaxation.
Orbiter Light**: Watch the lights spin and dance with just a press of your switch. Bright, vibrant colors and great for working on visual tracking, cause-effect and attending to task. A great toy for individuals with visual impairment or CVI. Spins around with bright lights and if gently moved the light patterns will change.

*Switch is optional, make sure to add a switch to your cart if you need to borrow one.

** Switch is required, Make sure to add a switch to your care if you need to borrow one.


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Step Up - Sensory Toys