Tap Strap 2 Wearable Keyboard and Mouse


The Tap Strap is a lightweight and comfortable Bluetooth Enabled Wearable Keyboard and Mouse that has a wearable technology which allows you to send a text or command to your electronic devices simply by Tapping your fingers on any surface. Tap Strap is a one handed, eyes-free, easy to learn, ergonomic wearable keyboard and mouse that translates your finger taps (on any surface) into letters, numbers and commands. Tap is compatible with nearly every Bluetooth enabled device that accepts HID input. You can hard pair up-to 3 devices at a time such as Android and iOS Smartphone, Tablet, laptop, PC, Amazon Fire Stick, SmartTV, and more. Enjoy 8 hours of battery life. Tap is also splash proof!



The Tap Strap is a keyboard that uses chords to register text. You type characters and commands by tapping a combination of fingers on any surface. Tap has accelerometers built into each finger-ring, which collect motion and acceleration information from your fingers. The output character is then transmitted via Bluetooth to the paired device. The Tap Strap is also an easy to use mouse. When you place your thumb down on a surface, Tap automatically turns into a mouse. You move the cursor with small movements of your thumb and control the mouse clicks with finger Taps. For example, to LEFT CLICK, you Tap your index finger, and to RIGHT CLICK, you Tap your middle finger. When you lift your hand from the surface, Tap Strap automatically turns back into a keyboard for a seamless transition.

Tap Strap can be worn on either your left or right hand.  For best results, it is recommended that you learn to Tap with your dominant hand – once you learn the alphabet, you can Tap with either hand without having to re-learn it. The Tap Strap is completely portable, can fit in your pocket, and allows for full access to a keyboard and mouse in virtually all situations.

Read more here:  https://www.tapwithus.com/introducing-tap/


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Tap Strap 2 Wearable Keyboard and Mouse available in the lending library at FAAST.org

Tap Strap 2 Wearable Keyboard and Mouse