Clean your assistive Technology

Over the past few weeks, you’ve been reminded daily not to touch your face and to wash your hands. What about the devices you are touching all day long, such as your communication device, switch, or magnifier? These assistive technology (AT) devices are made primarily out of plastic and metal, which germs can live on these surfaces for up to several days. So it is very important not to forget to clean these devices when you’re trying to limit the spread of germs!

Now is the time! This is your reminder to clean your AT!

Here is a quick guide we’ve put together to help you clean and disinfect your AT! Please refer to the device’s manufacturer for complete care and cleaning instructions.

Wash Hands

Start with clean hands.

Power Off

Ensure the device is completely powered off.

Unplug & Remove

Unplug all external power sources, devices, and cables. Remove any removable case or accessory. Uninstall batteries.


Clean off dirt and stains with lint-free cloth and household cleaning solution or wipe. Avoid spraying device directly. Follow the instructions on the cleaning product’s label. Allow the device to dry completely.


Wipe down all surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfectant. Follow the instructions on the disinfectant’s label. TIP: Use a cotton swab soaked with the solution to get into any tight areas.


Allow the device to dry completely.

Wash Hands 

Wash hands thoroughly one more time before moving on.


Resources for Sanitization of Assistive Technology