Graphic representation of the Florida Alliance for Assistive Services & Technology for the blog news

During its July meeting, the Florida Assistive Technology Advisory Council’s Public Policy Committee approved its initial list of 2020 State Legislative Priorities. The Council feels it is imperative to begin working on its state legislative platform because the next legislative session begins in January 2020.

“FAAST feels if we do not have an initial list of state initiatives in July, it’s too late. Sooner is always better in securing bill sponsors and building grassroots momentum.”
Michael Daniels, FAAST Executive Director

2020 State Legislative Priorities
Development of an Assistive Technology Trust Fund – This initiative seeks to develop an on-going funding stream for FAAST to expand programs like its device recycling program.
Disabled Parking Permit Task Force – Many Floridians with disabilities are frustrated with issues surrounding the state’s disabled parking permit program. FAAST is advocating for the creation of a task force to review current issues and provide the legislature with a list of solutions.
Voting Accessibility – With the 2020 general election on the horizon, the state needs to ensure equal access to voting. This proposal will help counties create professional development for poll workers and deploy accessible voting options to polling sites to ensure Floridians with disabilities have the means to cast a ballot independently.
Amendments to Florida Statute 413.407 – This law codifies how Florida implements the mandates in the Assistive Technology Act of 2004. FAAST is seeking changes to improve its capability to fund and expand services to underserved populations.
FAAST will continue to look at other issues surrounding state policies and assistive technology.

As a friend of FAAST, we will be asking for your help and support in making our priorities a reality.