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Our friends over at FSU have added a number of programs to help prepare individuals who plan to work with both children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These programs include both an online and on-campus Master’s program as well as an online graduate certificate.

The demand for teachers and other professionals that are familiar with Autism Spectrum has increased dramatically over the years, and preparing those professionals has become a priority for FSU. The College of Education is now working to meet this demand.

“Autism spectrum disorder is one of the fastest-growing disability categories,” said Kelly Whalon, associate professor of special education. “This rise in prevalence requires well-prepared professionals who understand the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder and how to best serve individuals with this disorder. By launching these new opportunities, we hope to prepare professionals who can better serve this population in a variety of settings.”

After completing these courses, it places an endorsement on the teachers’ certificate and will increase their marketability and effectiveness when working with individuals on the spectrum. This will also, of course, open up new possibilities for the teachers and individuals with autism.

The Graduate Certificate is specifically suited for other professionals who work in close proximity with those individuals, such as schools, communities, and medical offices. A List of professions that could benefit from this certification are:

  • Teachers
  • behavior therapists
  • speech-language pathologists
  • vocational rehab specialists
  • medical professionals
  • child care providers
  • administrators in these professions
  • Even parents or guardians who want the additional education!

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