Hey FAAST Friends!

When I got into the office today, my Google Pixel popped up with a system update for Android 10. As an Android power user, I got a little more excited than I probably should have.  After reading through the details of the update I have picked out a few features that will be super helpful to a number of users that may need a little more accessibility.


Live Caption

The Live Caption option allows you to automatically caption any media playing on your phone! A single tap allows live caption to automatically caption videos, podcasts, and audio messages, even the ones you record for yourself. One big bonus is that this feature doesn’t require wifi or mobile data to work. Allowing you to use this feature anywhere!

Smart ReplyGoogle Smart Reply showing a Google Maps button in a text message that includes an address

While not specifically an accessibility feature, the Smart Reply feature gives you the option to take action on messages. Actions such as when a friend send you an invite to a restaurant, you have a quick option to open Maps and get directions. It also gives you quick replies like “Okay”, “Yes”, “No”, and different emojis. Smart Reply is designed to make life easier and for a person with some form of disability, this can make a huge difference in independence.

Sound Amplifier

For those that are deaf or hard of hearing, a little amplification can mean the difference between independence and frustration. The Google 10 Feature, Sound Amplifier, helps you hear what’s around you more clearly. This feature enables your phone to boost sound, filter out any background noise, and fine-tune the audio so that you can best hear it. It works great for when you are talking to a friend, watching TV, or even listening to a lecture. All you need to do is put on some headphones and hear everything more clearly!

Gesture Navigation

The gesture navigation feature allows you to use motions like “swipe” and “pull” to make your device more responsive and intuitive. Go back, forward, pull up the home screen, or open your apps folder with just a few gestures.

Dark Theme

Androids Dark theme uses a true black display to increase contrast to make the screen easier to see as well as saves battery life. This feature works across a number of Google apps like calendar, photos, and the search app.

Family Link

Although the Family Link app may have a different purpose, the family locator feature is a great option for families that have a member that tends to wander. You can even set screen time limits, view app activity, and even set content and app restrictions.

Android 10 Features

Other Accessibility features include:

  • Hearing Aid Support using low energy Bluetooth
  • Live Transcription providing real-time transcription to the world around you. Even clapping, barking, whistling, and more!
  • Accessibility Timeouts to give yourself more time to interact with device features such as volume control.

Android 10 has a number of other new features that you can get more information about right here. This update will be rolling out to various devices over the coming months.